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A Parent’s Checklist

If you observe any of these signs or symptoms you should take your child for a thorough vision examination:

Behavior in your child:

  • One eye drifts or aims in a different direction than the other (look carefully -- this can be subtle).  This is significant even if it only occurs when the child is tired or stressed.
  • Turns or tilts head while reading or during other visual acitivities
  • Head is frequently tilted to one side
  • Squinting or closing of one eye
  • Excessive blinking or squinting
  • Poor visual/motor coordination skills or hand-eye coordination
  • Problems judging distances while moving in space, frequently bumps into things or drops things
  • Becomes easily confused when in motion
  • Frequently loses things

While reading or doing close work your child:

  • Holds the reading material or object too close
  • Closes one eye or covers eye with hand
  • Twists or tilts head toward book or object so as to favor one eye
  • Uses finger or ruler to read
  • Frequently loses place and/or skips or repeats lines
  • Fatigues easily and/or becomes drowsy
  • Rubs eyes during or after periods of reading or close work
  • Reports that words move on the page or run together
  • Has a tendancy to knock things over on a desk or table
  • Avoids reading or close work

Child demonstrates or reports:

  • Headaches or eyestrain
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Motion sickness or car sickness
  • Double vision