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Vuity is an FDA approved prescription medication to temporarily improve near vision in adults. This drop works best in patients age 40-55. It acts by reducing the pupil size to create a pinhole effect and expand the depth of focus. In a study Vuity was shown to allow patients to read 3 lines lower on the near chart in low light situations about 30% of the time compared to 10% for the placebo at 3 hours after using the drop. 33% of participants were able to make out the 20/20 row at near without losing more than 5 letters of distance vision with Vuity compared to 10% in the placebo group.

The effectiveness of Vuity diminishes significantly over about 6 hours and it can only be used 1x/day so it does not eliminate the need for alternative near vision correction solutions.


This drop is not covered by insurance (vision or medical), nor is the evaluation and generation of the prescription. The cost is listed at $79/bottle, which would provide 30 days of treatment. In order to prescribe the medication, the patient must have already had a comprehensive exam with a retinal evaluation within the past year. The cost of the consult and trial of the medication to generate a prescription is $75 and again, is not covered by any insurance. The prescription is good for 1-year and then will need to be renewed. In addition to an annual comprehensive exam there will be an additional yearly fee to renew this prescription.

Precautions and Contraindications

Vuity (Pilocarpine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution) 1.25% is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the formulation. Caution should be used with night driving or other hazardous occupations in poor illumination. There is a risk of reduced distance vision so you should not drive or use machinery if vision is not clear.

Rare cases of retinal detachment have been reported with similar medications in patients susceptible to them, so Vuity should be avoided in patients with retinal thinning (lattice degeneration), retinal holes, retinal tears, or strong family history of retinal detachment. Patients should urgently seek care for any new flashes of light, floaters in vision, or vision loss.

Vuity is not recommended when active inflammation (iritis) is present.

Contact lens wearers should instill the drops without the lenses in and wait 10 minutes after dosing before re-inserting contact lenses.

The most common adverse reactions reported in >5% of patients are headache and eye redness.